The Science-based Evidence to Ban Glyphosate and GMOs

Mexico announced that it was phasing out the use of glyphosate herbicides, the cultivation of GMO corn, and the import of GMO corn for human consumption and livestock feed by the end of 2024. The reasons for the decree given by Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador are to protect the health of Mexico’s consumers and small-scale farmers, the environment, and the purity of Mexico’s native corn varieties.

Africa: Agroecology Giving Farmers an Edge in the Face of Climate Change

With an emphasis on sharing training and experiences, Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) hosted a workshop that provided resources on agroecology as well as sharing strategies to set up viable and sustainable agroecological practices. Read this article to find out everthinf about this amazing event.

Maximizing Photosynthesis and Root Exudates through Regenerative Agriculture to Increase Soil Organic Carbon to Mitigate Climate Change

To shift from a significant emitter to a major mitigator of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, agriculture needs to change from the current dominant paradigm of chemically intensive, industrial/conventional systems to regenerative systems by focusing on plant biology and living soil sciences. Going to renewables is not enough now and this is why carbon dioxide removal through increasing soil carbon by scaling up best practice regenerative agriculture is critical to keeping the temperature rise below 1.5ºC.

The Organic Sector Must Respond to Regenerative Momentum

“Regenerative” has momentum. New partnerships, organizations, finance tools and certifications pop up daily. Those of us who have been working to promote regenerative organic practices for decades — including the organic pioneers at Rodale Institute who coined the term “regenerative agriculture” in the 80s — can rejoice.

The Cuban Paradox

What brings me to Cuba is the eighth International Encounter of Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, Nutritional Education and Cooperativism, organised by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP). The encounter’s international delegation of more than 120 participants and a significant number of delegates from the United States.

Our Global Regeneration Revolution: Organic 3.0 to Regenerative and Organic Agriculture

We have a lot of work to do. We are currently living well beyond our planetary boundaries and extracting far more than our planet can provide. We need to build the new regenerative system that will replace the current degenerate system.

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