How to Compost Dog Poop – & Other Pet Waste Too

So, how to compost dog poop? Composting your pet’s poop at home is an excellent way to create even more nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden soil, super-charging everything you grow within it. It’s something we do with our two little dogs and it’s surprisingly easy – although, depending on what type of pet you have,…

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Growing Root Vegetables

Root vegetables like carrots, beetroots, parsnips and radishes are staples in our kitchens and vegetable gardens. Let’s dig down into how to grow your own bunch of crunchy carrots or bountiful beets. 

Issue 31 Out Now!

The 10th anniversary issue of Pip – Issue 31 – is here, and it’s a big moment for the Pip team and for everyone who has supported Pip along the way over its 10 year journey.

Delicious Dahlias – Yep, Dahlias Are Edible!

We all know that dahlias are delicious to the eye and the heart, but also – great news! Dahlias (Acocoxochitl) are edible. Flower and tuber. Hooray. However, as with many edible plants… there’s edible, and then there’s tasty. All dahlias are edible, which is a great starting point for experimenting with. And some varieties are…

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Learning the Story of the Country You’re On – Habits for Hope #0

Alrighty – Habits for Hope, here we go (what is this? Go here to learn more about the series)… Let’s start with what we see as an utterly essential habit for everyone – learning the story of the Country that you’re on. This usually means learning whose land you are on, and learning how to…

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Habits, Hope + the Power of And/Also

I’m going to start off here with an extract from the intro section of our latest book The Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook – I’ll explain why later – let’s dive straight in. Habits, hope and connection – how can we use the first one to create more of the other two? Cultivating connection gives our…