The Myth of No-Till: The Future is Regenerative Organic Agriculture

We have enough high-quality studies now to show that Regenerative Organic Agriculture has the highest yields and the best increases in soil organic carbon. Scaling up Regenerative Organic Agriculture can reverse climate change, increase biodiversity, improve water capture and retention, stop soil loss, be more profitable for farmers and ranchers, and very significantly nourish the world with high yields of healthy non-toxic food.

En Cataluña investigan como cuidar el suelo a través de agricultura regenerativa

Se monitorizará el impacto en la salud del suelo y la biodiversidad de un conjunto de técnicas, como las cubiertas vegetales, la fertilización orgánica o la reducción del laboreo. La investigación busca comprender los procesos microbiológicos involucrados en el secuestro de carbono y desarrollar modelos predictivos de un ciclo clave para reducir las emisiones de efecto invernadero.

Why we can’t let soils be messed up, it’s essential for life on Earth!

Soil is the foundation of life – it supports plant growth and provides a home for micro-organisms. Healthy soil is the foundation of life. Period. This blog should stop here. That should be enough to ensure we protect and heal soils, but let me share a few of my thoughts on why soil matters! Soil is […]

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Connect Kids to Nature’s Classroom with The Soil Book – and Down-to-Earth-Science

If you are a teacher, parent, mentor, or just a soil lover, get your hands on The Soil Book – the first in a series of colourful kids’ books by Life Rocks – a group of health experts, geologists, children’s health advocates – and CEO Asher Cloran who are reshaping the terrain of early education. “…it’s really […]

10 Things You Can Do in 2022 to Think More About Soil And Food

This is the year to discover secrets of the soil and to savour bounty unfolding. It’s the time to get out of ruts and sink your hands and feet into new depths of knowing the earth’s endless creativity and possibilities. Whether you’re plopped on a small plot of land or plodding through too many acres, […]