Chickweed Pakoras Recipe

Chickweed is a mild, sweet, subtly ‘green’ and is an excellent bulk filler for dishes like weed pies, creamy green soups and for this chickweed pakoras recipe. Winter can feel like a bleak, barren time in nature and many gardeners find slim pickings from the patch as we wait for our winter vegies to sweeten with […]

How to Make a Wild Food Map to Forage Your Local Neighbourhood

A wild food map is a simple way to identify and keep track of all the places where edible weeds, feral fruit, medicinal mushrooms and other yum things grow in your local area – so that, come late summer and autumn, many a happy weekend can be spent finding, picking and eating the bounty. Free,…

Repair + Renewal With Heart – Making Fine Furniture From Foraged Urban Materials

Last year, Peter Owen unintentionally set himself a challenge: could he furnish his home using discarded flotsam found within his local urban ‘forest’ – the streets and laneways of Sydney? The idea to repair furniture and household items dumped in the streets came as Peter and his wife Claire studied Permaculture Living. The furniture-maker and…

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