Granjas porcícolas: entre el ecocidio y la búsqueda de justicia

Más de 220 mega granjas operan en el territorio de Yucatán causando estragos en las reservas de agua, la agricultura tradicional, la soberanía alimentaria y el control territorial por parte de las comunidades. Esta industria apunta a la exportación y basa su funcionamiento en el saqueo de los bienes naturales, el avasallamiento de pueblos originarios y una operatividad a bajo costo a partir de la creación de empleo precario. La acelerada e intensa afectación socioambiental multiplica las resistencias de las comunidades mayas. Más información aquí.

5 Agriculture Web Designs and What They Have in Common

The agriculture industry is one of the largest in the world and it keeps on growing with new developments in technology. Today, you see agricultural businesses and farms actively use social media platforms and reach out to customers through their websites. It has quickly become one of the most effective ways to engage the consumer. […]

10 Things You Can Do in 2022 to Think More About Soil And Food

This is the year to discover secrets of the soil and to savour bounty unfolding. It’s the time to get out of ruts and sink your hands and feet into new depths of knowing the earth’s endless creativity and possibilities. Whether you’re plopped on a small plot of land or plodding through too many acres, […]

Go In-Depth and personal with Tammi Jonas and Her Understanding of Agroecology

When it comes to ecologically produced food, to sustainable agriculture, to farmers welfare; there is no diverse person that can tackle and better discuss these matters, than Tammi Jonas. Tammi has been farming for about 10 years, and recently started a Ph.D. around the agroecological transition. Hopefully, soon in biodiverse and decolonizing practices of farmers. […]