Plantations International Revises Cryptocurrency Acceptance Policy

The Plantations International agroforestry group of companies is very pleased to announce that as of November 10, 2022 it is expanding its Bitcoin and cryptocurrency policy to include incoming payments from its clients. This policy shift has been a long time in the making and is a direct result of feedback from internal and external […]

The Agroforestry Group Upgrades its Malaysian Operations

The Agroforestry Group just announced a major upgrade to its durian plantations following a thorough review of its operations. A fertigation system has now been implemented which replaces its previous system of separate irrigation and fertilisation work. This new system will improve durian production yields and is more environmentally friendly relying on less water and […]

Plantations International Offering Securitized Bonds

Plantations International Securities SARL is very pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in Asia’s first and only fully regulated Organic Musang King Durian Bond Offering with annualized returns of 9.85%. Returns are paid out either quarterly or annually as per investors’ preference and are paid out immediately upon subscription.

Agroforestry Group Launches Agarwood Oud Oil Giveaway

The Agroforestry Group in celebration of its one-year anniversary of its partnership with Ori Oud Asia, has announced a special limited time promotion, The Great Oud Giveaway. The promotion gift winners receive a 3-pack set of pure Oud oil worth USD 650, every week for the month of May. Agroforestry Group winners will be announced […]

Global Food Crisis Hits Asia Hard

The surge in food prices accelerated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February. Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of wheat and corn. Global food prices have hit record levels in the wake of the Ukraine war, the latest data from the Food and Agriculture Organization shows, raising concerns over food security and […]

United Tropical Fruit inducted into the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Plantations International group of companies is very pleased to announce that its Malaysian subsidiary United Tropical Fruit Sdn. Bhd. has been inducted into the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI). The MICCI was founded in 1837 and engages with state and federal governments to continue to ensure the development and implementation of […]

Agroforestry Group Partnership with Ori Oud Asia

The Agroforestry Group today announced the renewal of its strategic partnership with Ori Oud Asia, a world leading aquilaria (agarwood) products distributor. The announcement comes on the one-year anniversary of the original partnership and expands their cooperation into research and development. Mr. Paul Martin, Agroforestry Group’s MD said “We are delighted to be continuing our […]