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The Course

In this two-day course we will present you with an opportunity to assess the opportunities for strawbale building in your life, whether you wish to build your own home, construct a chook shed or just decide if strawbale is the right medium for your project.

We take you through the theory and design of strawbale building as well as actually building part of a strawbale structure and we’ll discuss load-bearing versus pole frame structures, various wall shapes, foundations, plastering options, floors - earthen, concrete and wood.

You will learn through lectures, practical activities, case studies, videos, slides and a wealth of printed material.

In past workshops we have built an extension to the homestead at The Food Forest, a commercial coldroom, the 'Eco Gazebo', the 'Studio', an indoor/outdoor food preparation entertainment area and a beautiful sculptured garden wall using this extraordinary medium.

Topics Basic construction techniques Load-bearing vs pole frame structures Design principles and site assessment  Doors and windows  Natural finishes  Floors, foundations and roof options  Fire, termites and rodents  Building regulations and Council approvals Costs Builders, Contractors, Owner Builder comparisons Pricipal tutors

Lance Kairl, Gerald Wittman, Bohdan Dorniak, Graham Brookman and Annemarie Brookman.

Bookings & Refunds The organisers reserve the right to cancel the course with one week’s notice if registrations are insufficient. In this case a full refund will be made. Fact sheets on strawbale building Read more about strawbale building Have a look at the 'Cosy Cottage' build